Industrial Operation Performance: Unveiling the Influence of Information Quality, Sharing, and Customer Relationships


  • Ammar Bashatweh Faculty of Business, Luminus Technical University College (Jordan)
  • Majed Alshrouf Business Administration and Finance College, Palestine Ahliya University (Palestine)
  • Amjad Alkhatib Business Administration and Finance College, Palestine Ahliya University (Palestine)



The foundation of optimal and proficient operational performance is contingent upon the caliber of information. Organizations that prioritize the acquisition, examination, and application of high-quality information are more likely to optimize their operational processes, save costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve a competitive edge in their respective industries. The main objective of the study was to identify the effect of business supply chain practices (information Sharing, information quality, and Customer Relationships) and operation performance in the Jordanian food industries sector in the al Hassan industrial estate. To answer the problem of the study a questionnaire was developed and distributed to 67 employees. The descriptive and analytical approaches were used to attain the study's goal. The study found a statistically significant effect of supply chain practices (information Sharing, information quality, & Customer Relationships) on operation performance. The implementation of efficient customer relationship (CR) strategies has been observed to yield numerous favorable consequences for enterprises. For example, it is improved operational efficiency, decreased costs, increased revenue, and the construction of a more sustainable company framework.


Supply Chain Practices, Operation Performance, Information Sharing, Information Quality, Customer Relationships


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Bashatweh, A., Alshrouf, M., & Alkhatib, A. (2023). Industrial Operation Performance: Unveiling the Influence of Information Quality, Sharing, and Customer Relationships. Journal of Palestine Ahliya University for Research and Studies, 2(3), 104–113.