Aims and scope

About The Journal

Ahliya Journal of Allied Medico-Technology Science (ISSN: XXXX-XXXX)

It is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Palestine Ahliya University. The journal serves as a scholarly reference for researchers and specialists to publish their peer-reviewed research in the fields of medical allied and technology science. It also publishes abstracts of university theses, book reviews, and scientific conference proceedings.

The journal is published semiannually and has an active international scientific committee comprised of a large group of top academics from several countries who oversee its work, including the review process of submitted research articles. The journal adheres to an ethical code of conduct for publication and an internal regulation governing the review process. It selects the contents of its issues based on the formal and objective criteria of international peer-reviewed journals.


Pioneering the forefront of scientific innovation by actively fostering knowledge production and exceptional research on a local and global scale, while upholding the highest international standards, and - To become a leading platform for disseminating high-quality research and developments in allied medical sciences, enhancing collaboration, and promoting excellence in healthcare.


Cultivating a dynamic platform for researchers to share their groundbreaking scientific discoveries and intellectual contributions, through an esteemed, peer-reviewed journal encompassing the entire spectrum of knowledge and disciplines, while steadfastly adhering to the principles and ethical guidelines of scientific research.

Also, the mission of the Ahliya Journal of Allied Medico-Technology Science is to provide a comprehensive and accessible outlet for researchers, clinicians and academics to publish and access the latest research in various allied medical specialties. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, promoting evidence-based healthcare and interdisciplinary collaboration.


  • Identifying key areas in allied medical sciences (e.g. physical therapy, nursing, medical laboratory sciences) and create focused departments or special issues to meet diverse research interests.
  • Enhancing local and international cooperation in the allied medico-technology science through various calls for research participation in topics of local and international importance.
  • Encouraging graduate students in master's and doctoral programs to publish their scientific contributions.
  • Adopting an open access model to ensure that research results can be accessed freely, thus maximizing the impact and reach of published articles.
  • Utilizing modern technology to provide an efficient online submission and publishing process, in addition to enhancing the overall user experience for authors, reviewers, and readers.
  • Creating a sense of community among authors and readers through social media, forums, and networking events, and promoting discussions and cooperation in this field.
  • Regularly evaluate and enhance the journal's policies and procedures, and seek feedback from authors, reviewers and readers to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Participate in educational initiatives, such as webinars and workshops, to enhance research skills and disseminate knowledge among early-career researchers and healthcare professionals.

Ahliya Journal of Allied Medico-Technology Science is a multidisciplinary medical journal that provides a medium for publication of substantial and original papers, reviews, and short communications which focus on research and developments involving Technology in Medical imaging, medical laboratory, Nuclear Medicine, Occupational and Physiotherapy, and Nursing Practice.

Scope of journal:

The " Ahliya Journal of Allied Medico-Technology Science " focuses on publishing research and scholarly articles related to various allied health and medical technology disciplines. Its specific scope may include, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. 1. Nursing Practice and Education:

   - Clinical nursing practice across various healthcare settings (e.g., hospitals, clinics, community health centers)

   - Nursing education and curriculum development

   - Continuing education and professional development for nurses

   - Nursing leadership and management

   - Advanced nursing roles (e.g., nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse educators)


  1. 2. Allied Health Sciences:

   - Medical laboratory technology

   - Radiologic technology

   - Nuclear medicine technology

   - Respiratory therapy

   - Physical therapy

   - Occupational therapy

   - Speech-language pathology

   - Audiology

   - Clinical nutrition and dietetics

   - Medical imaging sciences


  1. 3. Medical Technology:

   - Biomedical engineering

   - Biotechnology

   - Medical informatics

   - Health information technology

   - Telemedicine and telehealth

   - Health data analytics

   - Medical devices and instrumentation

   - Healthcare robotics


  1. 4. Interdisciplinary Research:

   - Integration of nursing and allied health professions in healthcare delivery

   - Collaborative research projects involving nurses, allied health professionals, and medical technologists

   - Ethical considerations in nursing practice and medical technology development


  1. 5. Clinical Practice and Case Studies:

   - Case reports and clinical studies highlighting innovative nursing practices or challenging clinical scenarios

   - Evidence-based nursing interventions and patient outcomes

   - Utilization of medical technology in nursing care delivery


  1. 6. Healthcare Quality Improvement:

   - Quality improvement initiatives in nursing and allied health settings

   - Patient safety and risk management strategies

   - Healthcare accreditation and regulatory compliance