Ahliya Journal of Allied Medico-Technology Science uses international rules for adding and arranging authorship according to the Vancouver Recommendations for Authorship. Additionally, The Journal identifies the conditions for the authorship in its papers as follows:

Significant contributions: Authors should have made major contributions to the research, including the study design, implementation, analysis, coding, and interpretation of the data.

Drafting and revising the manuscript: Authors should have been involved in the drafting and revising of the manuscript and should have approved the final version.

Accountability: Authors should be accountable for the accuracy and integrity of the work, including any data or analysis presented in the paper.

Original work: The manuscript should represent original work that has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

Acknowledgment of sources: Authors should acknowledge all sources of funding, support, and data used in the research, and should disclose any conflicts of interest.

Consent for publication: Authors should have obtained all necessary permissions and consents for the publication of the research, including any human subjects or animal research ethics approvals.

All authors agree to be listed: All authors should have agreed to be listed as authors on the manuscript and should have approved the order in which their names appear.

Generative AI software Tools: Ahliya Journal of Allied Medico-Technology Science adheres to the international standards for the using of artificial intelligence (AI) software and platforms, in alignment with the policies set forth by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) regarding generative AI software tools.